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All glory to God Almighty, we are so happy and proud that, we are now set to lunch our "Online Masterclass for Masters of Ceremonies".

After registering, you will receive video, audio and pdf lessons, be invited to periodic live webinars and have access to follow-up coaching.

After successfully completing all assignments within 4 weeks, you would receive your certificate and be admitted into the Talkademy Alumni Support Group.

Fee: N60,000 or $400.


About us
TALKADEMY is a Training and Finishing School for Masters of Ceremonies, by Talklogenic International Ltd.
With hands-on training from seasoned facilitators, we provide a rich and robust course, with practical training in Elocution, Effective Presentation, Etiquette, Best Practices for Masters of Ceremonies and lots more.
Skills acquired from the course, will enhance your career as a professional Master of Ceremonies and could be deployed to other areas of endeavor.
With a well-rounded course, we focus on both the theory and practical to ensure that you master the fine art of ‘MCing.’
Upon graduation, you will receive mentoring and exposure to career opportunities, through our Alumni network.
Graduates from our previous edition have sent back positive reports of how TALKADEMY transformed their career.
Sign up and join our pool of outstanding MCs. It’s time for you to live the experience


What is vision
How to set goals
Current realities of 21st century MCing
Importance of Vision to the professional MC
Proper and improper ways to speak
Dynamics of MCing
Professional etiquette
Event protocol
Audience analysis
Stage presence and stage management
Handling stage fright
Proper microphone use
Introducing guests, speakers and performers
Humour and icebreakers
Corporate correspondence …and more
Passion for Profit
Business Development
Online Reputation Management

About our Founder.

Joyce Daniels started her “full time” career as a Master of Ceremonies in November 2007, pretty much ‘by accident’, when an event planner, asked her to fill in for another MC, who was unfortunately (or fortunately) unable to compere that event. The outcome was fantastic, and she has continued as an MC since then. Before that time, she had been MC for quite a number of events albeit informally, since 1991 at the age of nine (9), when she was one of the MCs at the First Lady’s Children’s Concert, Sheraton Abuja, organised by the then First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs Maryam Babangida.

With a great amount of uncertainty, added to the fact that she had no formal training in the field of Compering/MCing, Joyce went from one event to the next, learning by experience, learning from mistakes and corrected errors, learning from feedback from clients and guests at events where she compered and learning extensively from other co-MCs (especially those who had been in the industry for much longer periods).

In March 2014, almost seven (7) years down the line, she decided to put together, all her learnings, into a curriculum, which formed the basis of TALKADEMY Training School for Masters of Ceremonies. Joyce is very confident that this would help other upcoming MCs, to start off on the right footing, avoiding most of the mistakes she made, whilst also grooming them to be the best professionals at the trade, leaving the under-employment market, and harnessing their skill to be an income stream.

Today, Joyce is considered to be amongst the top ten (10) MCs in Nigeria, hosting a long list of high-profile events, with clients in the Oil & Gas Industry, Financial Services, Multinational companies, NGOs, Religious Organisations, High Net-worth Individuals and many more. (

Joyce is currently a Senior Trainer with Dale Carnegie Training Nigeria, the largest and oldest training company in the world, established in 1912, with presence in over 90 countries.  She is certified to deliver trainings in curriculum areas including: Presentation effectiveness (Public Speaking Mastery, High Impact Presentations, etc.), Team Member Engagement (The Dale Carnegie Course: Increasing Personal and Leadership Influence, Team Building, etc.), Sales Effectiveness and more…


About our Patron

Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, popularly known as Alibaba, is Nigeria’s foremost Comedian and Master of Ceremonies, an incredible Entertainer, Radio Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Photographer, Writer with a strong flair for creating and developing ideas, an avid reader who also enjoys painting in his spare time.

Through guts, sacrifice and creative dynamism, Ali Baba carved a niche for himself as a comedian for both corporate and non-corporate events. In less than 4 years, he had also become the preferred Master of Ceremony at some events. Ali Baba made the rules, broke them and sometimes even discarded them depending on how effective they were. These days no event is considered complete without a Comedian.

In 1993, he registered his company Alibaba Hicuppuray 3rd and from then on, focused on ensuring that the perception of comedians being ‘never-do-wells’, changed and instead is seen as a profession and a respected way of life.

In 1998, he hired billboards in strategic parts of Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island; Osborne Road, Ikoyi and the Marina, all in Lagos, Nigeria. The message was simple and one he has come to be known by ”Being Funny is Serious Business”.

Ali Baba, has lived with the philosophy that his business is big enough for all who want to make it their chosen profession. As such, he has supported, mentored and presented several comedians helping to ensure that standards are maintained and professionalism is encouraged. The Comedy & Compering Industry though yet to be standardized, is growing fast and strong, largely to the credit of the ‘Godfather of Comedy’.

He has been a professional stand-up comedian for the past 22 years and has in the last 13 years received several awards.

In his words " I want to remain on top of my performance every time; I don't want people to be like, 'ah, O thought you said he's the best'. So, I'm still taking things very serious."


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